New magazine “Photograph”

Cover “Photograph”

Craft & Vision launches a new quarterly photo magazine as ad-free PDF for 8 US$ only per issue or 24 US$ for the 1-year subscription (4 issues). The first issue has 132 pages, contents portfolios of three photographers and many articles being written with the understandng that this is not only a technical matter but an artistic one. Continue reading

Tres Árboles

Subhash: «Tres árboles»

«Tres árboles»

On the way to an unknown forest I saw from the corner of my eye the presence of these trees on the horizon. Standing together and yet each one an unique being with distinct shape: elegant, plump and nervous. On the next morning before breakfast I investigated the best location with my tripod in drizzling rain— ideal weather for the mood I had seen the day before— and composed this picture. Continue reading

Dodge and Burn

Subhash: «En el lago #1926»

Dodge & Burn – who of them old darkroom freaks does not know these terms! These procedures already enabled Ansel Adams 1) to manage high contrast and lead the viewer’s eye. At his time you had to treat every single print of the same negative again and again. Nowadays one can handle it precise and repeatable better than ever. Continue reading