Tres Árboles

Subhash: «Tres árboles»

«Tres árboles»

On the way to an unknown forest I saw from the corner of my eye the presence of these trees on the horizon. Standing together and yet each one an unique being with distinct shape: elegant, plump and nervous. On the next morning before breakfast I investigated the best location with my tripod in drizzling rain— ideal weather for the mood I had seen the day before— and composed this picture.

Landscape photography gave me something my humanitarian client work did not; it gave me silence, and the opportunity to seek beauty in wide open places. It gave me a chance to fill my bucket from a different well, one that didn’t require that I spend time in the chaos of Old Delhi, which I love, but is anything but peaceful.

(David duChemin: “Portraits of Earth”)

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“Portraits of Earth”-Teaser
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