Cover Andrew S. Gibson; „Slow”

There’s a fine new PDF-eBook by Craft & Visions: Andrew S. Gibson once again shows inspiring images, tips and suggestions. You can get his eBook „SLOW: The Magic of Long-Exposure Photography” until November 18 for 4 US$, if you use the promotial code SLOW4 when checking out. (Then for 5 US$).

Everybody who likes may abstract images (see below) finds guidance in this eBook how it’s made.
A littel bit of it I told in my own eBook „Vom Etwas zum Nichts, vom Nichts zum Etwas” but Andrew S. Gibson describes some of the techniques in detail, garnished with poetic, dynamic, abstract photographs. If you are looking for creative possibilities of the slow shutter, new ideas or a primer in intentional camera motion, panning, long exposure techniques, and the equipment to help you get there, SLOW is an excellent place to begin.

Subhash: «Despacio #3488»Subhash: «Despacio #3483»Subhash: «Despacio #3482»Subhash: «Despacio #3485»

Subhash: «Despacio #3488, #3483, #3482 y #3485»
Olympus E-5, Zuiko 70-300, 1.6 – 4 sec

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