„Unvorhergesehene Information/
Nepředvídaná informace” – Invitation

„Unvorhergesehene Information/Nepředvídaná informace” – Einladung
In the age of comprehensive programming the question for freedom arises anew posed through playing against programs. Following this idea of Prague-born Vilém Flusser “Unvorhergesehene Information/Nepředvídaná informace” (“Unforeseen information”) shows photography which supposedly was not intended by the photo industry and not considered by their advertising agencies.
Twelve photographers from the Czech Republic and Austria produce what is not defined through the photo program. This arises a model for freedom in the post industrial context.
Cross-border double photo exhibition at two places, curated by Subhash and Jiří Tiller with Barbora Bálková, Josef Hník, Ulrike Königshofer, Mária Kudasová, Antonin Malý, Fritz Simak, Matthias Staudinger, Subhash, Jiři Tiller, Luděk Vojtěchovský, Christoff Wiesinger and Robert Zahornicky.

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