The Making Of Corona

Image #7 of my cycle “Secured Freedom” shows underlying aspects of the crisis called “Corona” from my point of view.

Subhash “Making Of Corona” (Creative Commons by-nd 4.0)

“The Making Of Corona”

  • With improper methods (PCR- and antigen tests) the asserted number of infected humans is collected regularly.
  • False interpretations of statistics are reported as facts.
  • Regulations and laws without legitimate foundation are enacted and enforced with propaganda, pressure and subpoenas.
  • The requested presentation of a pandemia is spread numerously, constantly and perseveringly repeated with fear and terror through conventional mass media.
  • A democratic discourse does not take place, neither after months.
  • If critics become too awkward, they are ignored first as long as possible, then slurred, then defamed and censored, victimised and menaced and exiled finally.

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