Blossom of Poppy

Subhash: „Mohnblüte #7743”

„Blossom of poppy #7743”

The Waldviertel is known for poppy. Justifiably so? – I don’t know. But I know, that some women here are baking excellent Mohnzelten – a cookie filled with poppy seed!
This year is difficult. Very long there was snow and then it rained through whole May and one could cultivate nothing. At some sites the water drained the poppies. It flowered lately and does not stand high but still it is beautiful and a fine subject for photographers.
In the evening (also image above):

Subhash: „Oat within poppy #7751”

„Oat within poppy #7751”
The next morning:
Subhash: „Mohn #7754”

„Poppy #7754”
Subhash: „Das schwarze Schaf #7765”

„The black sheep #7765”
Subhash: „Mohn #7756”

„Poppy #7756”

camera: Olympus E-5
lenses: Zuiko 12-60 (image 1) und Zuiko 70-300 (all others)
used focal lengths: 60 mm (image 1), 277 mm (image 3 and 4), 300 mm (image 2 and 5)
used focal lengths (angel of view corresponding to 35 mm camera): 120 mm (image 1), 554 mm (image 3 and 4), 600 mm (image 2 and 5)
shutter speed: between 1/40 and 1/1000
apertures: between 4 and 7.1
tripod for image 1, 2 and 4

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