Photography by Stefan Krauss

Stefan Krauss: “Midnight Movement”

Stefan Krauss: “Midnight Movement”

To my delight and thanks to Subhash it´s now possible to purchase prints of any picture shown on the sites Starsfellonlivaniana and Bluesonplanetmars.

Starsfellonlivaniana is publishing pictures around the Cretan village of Livaniana and the sistersite Bluesonplanetmars is traveling sometimes to the cities, distant countries and other worlds. Continue reading

Fine Art Prints

Subhash: „Richtung Mödling”

„Richtung Mödling”

From time to time I have made a fine art print for me or one of my customers. To see a photograph sized 30 x 40 cm on the wall is very nice. Precious fine art paper can polish an image. If you obtain an additional (acid-free) passepartout, it will give your photo greater durability and extra aesthetic touch to accentuate the picture. Continue reading