Photo booklet «Sahumerio» released

Book «Sahumerio», cover

Just in time for the concert “Finish evening in minor” my new little photo book «Sahumerio» (“Incense”) was released. Some of the images are used for the concert visuals. You can buy it here in my online shop.


Book «Sahumerio», pages 40 and 41

Book «Sahumerio», pages 22 and 23

Book «Sahumerio», pages 28 and 29

Book «Sahumerio», pages 54 and 55

Booklet «Sahumerio»

Soft-cover, 60 pages, 30 photographs, 20 x 20 cm

Büchlein «Sahumerio»
Stückpreis: 9,00 EUR
(inkl. 10,00% MwSt. und zzgl. Versandkosten)
Gewicht: 250,00 g


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