Details of images of my new series of abstract photographs called «Petragua». (Click to enlarge.) These pictures need some size to come into theirs own therefore here you see sections. About one fifth of a photograph is shown:

Subhash: «Petragua #1816» (Sector)Subhash: «Petragua #1799» (Sector)Subhash: «Petragua #1763» (Sector)
Subhash: «Petragua #1836» (Sector)Subhash: «Petragua #1838» (Sector)Subhash: «Petragua #1774» (Sector)
Subhash: «Petragua #1851» (Sector)Subhash: «Petragua #1861» (Sector)Subhash: «Petragua #1901» (Sector)


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