Photo Workshops and vacation 2018

”Play of existence” 2018

17. March ”Play of existence”
Workshop in Zwettl (Wood County, Lower Austria)
2 modules, seperate or together bookable
from 95 to 125 € *)
April 22th,
May 12th,
June 10th
”Play of existence”
One-day-workshop in Schwarzenau
from 60 to 100 €* )
July 14th Portrait-workshop
in- outdoor
95 or 125 €* )
22. to 27. July ”Play of existence” – Photo hollidays in Geras (Wood County, Lower Austria)
time to relax, time to photograph
350 € (in-house) or 400 € (external) respectively

If you have questions please contact us.

*) Prices from-to (VAT included) according to self-assessment.

Booking is open already:

Photo workshop ”Play of existence” 2018 in Zwettl


A special training in perception with intensiv and individual support by two professional photographers. Learn and practice to photograph with eyes open, revive your routine and surprise yourself and others with new images.

Because of open awareness, unusual perspectives, challeging impulses and sharing in the group you will find new joy in photography. This workshop is suitable for enthusiastic shutterbugs as well as for professionals. The major aspect is not technical knowledge— but we can help with this— but rather playful action with unprejudiced vision. The ”Play of existence” takes place in Zwettl (Wood County, Lower Austria) on Saturday, 17.3. and Sunday, 18.3., where we will find subjects of any kind regardless the weather.

You can book one day or both!

Hotels, bed and breakfast, inns and cafés are present in direct neighborhood. Room referral service (German, PDF, 9.8 MB)

Caution: Booking before 1th of February means 10,– € off! This early bird discount is subtracted automatically when booking here.

Please choose by yourself, how much you want to pay for our workshop according to your income:


Photo Workshop „Play of Existence”


This line of workshops is built for advanced photographers, but professionals will benefit also from the unusual structure of topics.

  • What is necessary to get agile perception to your image?
  • How knowledge of technical matters helps to express yourself?
  • Which habits and stereotypes prevent you from showing your personal style?
  • How to untighten your routine to arose enthusiasm anew?

The „Play of Existence” takes place in spring of 2018 on Saturdays or Sundays in Hausbach near Schwarzenau (Wood County, Lower Austria) in my little photo studio and its surrounding. Pramesh and I will be reliably responsive to you.

Caution! Only small groups to 5 people possible! Your place is firmly booked with the arrival of your contribution.

Please choose by yourself how much you want to pay for our workshop according to your income:


Portrait Workshop


This workshop is made for advanced photographers. It takes place in Hausbach near Schwarzenau (Wood county, Lower Austria) on July 14th ’18 in my little photo studio and its surrounding from 10 to 17 (2 x 3 hours workshop).

In the morning we will practice the setting of lights and posing with a doll head, in the afternoon we photograph with a model. (Below the photograph shows an other model with classic Rembrandt lightning)

Caution Only small groups up to 4 persons are possible! Your seat is reserved when yourcontribution arrives.

Included are all charges, the use of the photo studio and a handout with notes on portrait photography.

Please select how much you want to pay for my workshop according to your income:



“Play of Existence” 2018 in Geras


A special training in perception awaits you. We are two inspired photographers and will brighten your routine! The „Play of Existence“ will challenge you in many different and playful ways to experiment with new ways of seeing.

It will take place at the wonderful monastery Geras (Wood County, Lower Austria), which is at our disposal with its gardens and halls. Fascinating short lectures about photo technic and art work and many practical exercises invite you to refine your perception find new possibilities of composition and open up your vistas.

Look forward to a very individual and personal support and to comfortable evenings with exchange of knowledge within the group! Learn to see the different points of views of the participants and your own individual way of seeing in extensive analyses of pictures!
At off-hours enjoy the lovely landscape of the Wood County, cultural and culinary pleasures, refreshment swimming in lakes and rivers and much more…


6 hours per day working together

Breakfast 8:00 to 9:00
Forenoon at your disposal
Lunch individual
Begin of workshop 14:00
Dinner 18:30
Evening module 19:30


Accomodation (demi-pension) at the guest house of the monastery Geras. Please book it there. Also extern participants are welcome. Please choose.


Caution: Until 31. May there is an early bird discount of 25,– €! It will be taken into account during booking.