Privacy policy

Note: This English translation is to be understood as a service for contractual parties.
The person-referred of customers, purchasers, and consumers will not be sold-on by our Company, nor rented, nor exchanged, and no unwanted exploitation of the data will be undertaken. Customers, purchaser, or consumers placing orders with our Company will receive irregular notices of news in the form of newsletters, which can however be unsubscribed if desired.

Anonymous raising of data

Members of the public are essentially free to visit the website of our Company, without identifying themselves to our Company. Our Company merely stores the name of the internet service provider, through whose services they visit the website, and the title of the file used . Such information is at most only exploited for statistical purposes and serves to improve the offerings of our Company. The identities of members of the public thus remain anonymous for single visits.

The raising, processing and exploitation of person-referred data

Person-referred data are only raised when the customer, purchaser or consumer informs our Company of these for purposes of concluding a contract or for opening an account with our Company. Without the express permission of a customer, purchaser or consumer, these data will only be exploited for the processing of orders and for the servicing of enquiries. Upon the completion of a contract and final settlement of the price, such data will be stored in the system of the Company to comply with statutory fiscal and commercial archiving time periods, but will be erased upon the expiry of such time periods, unless customers, purchasers and consumers give express approval for the continued exploitation of such data.

The passing-on of person-referred data to third parties

Order processing
The person-referred data raised by our Company for purposes of processing orders will be passed-on to the transportation company retained by our Company for delivering the goods, when such is necessary. Our Company will also pass-on person-referred data to the banking institution retained by our Company for the purposes of processing settlement payments.


The Online Shop of our Company uses so-called cookies among other things for rendering the overall internet presence of our Company more user-friendly, more effective as well as safer – for example, to accelerate navigation through our website. In addition, cookies give our Company the possibility of measuring the frequency of pages visited and the overall navigation. We hereby give notice, that some of such cookies are downloaded by our server to the systems of website visitors, whereby these are mostly session cookies. Session cookies are erased from the hard disk of the systems of visitors automatically at the end of the session. Customers, purchasers and consumers can of course reject cookies at any time in the internet browser when such a setting exists.

Additional information and contacts

Customers, purchasers and consumers are entitled to free information on their stored personal-referred data as well as having a right to the correction, blocking or erasure of such data. Please contact our Company for responding to any queries concerning the raising, processing or exploitation of person-referred data. The same applies for requests for information, erasure and correction of person-referred data as well as for the revocation of permission granted. The contact postal address is to be found under the publication button: ‘Legal info’ on this website.