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Subhash: „Richtung Mödling”

„Richtung Mödling”

From time to time I have made a fine art print for me or one of my customers. To see a photograph sized 30 x 40 cm on the wall is very nice. Precious fine art paper can polish an image. If you obtain an additional (acid-free) passepartout, it will give your photo greater durability and extra aesthetic touch to accentuate the picture.

Almost all of my photographs you can see on this website on the blog or in portfolios or galleries (navigation above: „imaging”) you can order. Further there are many pictures more. You can also send a request for a certain motif.

Subhash: „Richtung Einödstraße”

„Richtung Einödstraße”

The archive is indexed well and therefor it should be possible to find something in it. :)

According to motif and liking you can choose glossy („FineArt Pearl”, „FineArt Baryta”) or matte paper from Hahnemühle. Matt paper which I recommend for pictures framed behind glass can be textured („William Turner”, „German Etching”) oder smooth („Photo Rag Ultra Smooth”).

Order Fine Art Prints

You can order almost all of my pictures as pigment inkjet prints on Hahnemühle fine art papers. Please choose kind of paper, size and margin and write the name or URL of the picture in the box „notes”.

If you are uncertain which paper to choose for the photography, I am happy to advise you. Also there are some more papers, sizes and margins available on request.

Supplementary notes:

  • „gsm” means „grams per square meter”.
  • Numbers in brackets behind variants mean the price for this variant. So selection of paper and margin does not cause extra costs.
  • Margins are put in the same width on the left, right and top and are enhanced 1.1 times on the bottom. Example: 6-6-6-6.6 cm.
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