Some parts of this blog also in English

Unfortunately this blogs bigger part is written in German.

But there is a little shop included where you can buy photographs and it is translated to English (as well as some articles). So you can appreciate the pictures also on your wall!

Notice: Pages with products only available in German are not translated or, if the language doesn’t matter that much, you will be adverted to this factor.

La separación ardorosa

La separación ardorosa Comment & flattr

What lasts

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Red box

Subhash: „Red Box #6728”

Old? Made old? An example for wabi-sabi?

Anyway an object that doesn’t seek beauty in perfection, novelty, smoothness, but in an used, worn, shabby look. A thing that supports my liking to this effect. It shows structure, warmth—not only by color. Doesn’t deny time, but naturally supports it. A thing with character—or pretends it at least.

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Once again across the fields with the Petzval

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