Some parts of this blog also in English

Unfortunately this blogs bigger part is written in German.

But there is a little shop included where you can buy photographs and it is translated to English (as well as some articles). So you can appreciate the pictures also on your wall!

Notice: Pages with products only available in German are not translated or, if the language doesn’t matter that much, you will be adverted to this factor.

Open studio

„Sonja #7679”

In the course of the „Days of Open Studios” in Lower Austria my little photo studio is opened for visitors and interested parties at Sunday, 18. October from 10-12 and 14-18. You can see a little exhibition of portraits and many Fine Art Prints on heavy paper. An attraction is a free portrait to take away for everyone.

Iris Lindner shows paintings.

Place: Hausbach 31, A-3900 Schwarzenau (Waldviertel)
Time: 18. Oktober ’15, 10-12 & 14-18
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